Here at Dental Clinic Leugrueb, my team and I strive to help you regain your healthy smile and wellbeing.

In a relaxed manner with a caring and gentle approach I am helping you to regain your healthy smile. Every patient should be able to enjoy all meals, smile confidently and enjoy life free from tooth and gum disease.

As a patient at our clinic you can rely on:

  • The highest quality standards followed by our entire team
  • Premium, state-of-the-art technology
  • The expertise of Swiss dental technicians
  • Additional services provided by renowned specialists from our network
  • Ongoing training and education for our staff
  • Efficient solutions which save time and money

I started my dental career in 2003 at the University of Zurich under Professor Mörmann, the inventor of the CEREC method. This still fills me with pride, because I learned a lot about ceramic crowns and fillings, and it allowed me to deep-dive into computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

CAD/CAM dentistry is a fascinating and efficient treatment, which has since been embraced by my patients and the team.

Another discipline close to my heart is maintaining my patients’ oral health through what is called preventive care. More and more interesting treatments emerge in this field, as e.g. caries treatment without drilling by regenerating the tooth enamel. A favourite among my younger patients (as well as many adult ones).

Implantology is another exciting treatment option we offer at Dental Clinic Leugrueb. And after so many years, I’m still delighted to see patients gain more quality of life after we restore their bite and smile.
I’m also a hobby triathlete in my free time. This has taught me to value fairness and teamwork, but also a healthy sense of competition, discipline and endurance.
For me, there’s a clear correlation between oral health and performance. Therefore, I’m increasing my skills  in the area of sports dentistry, to treat athletes and those affected by sports-related accidents.